Last version 64-Bit: fhclive-USB-2019.02_kernel-4.4.178-amd64

md5:  8232690add2e00fe630730d1a2ae9014
sha1: 1688dc2d958e80ba54e5834fac43068c217eb076

Last version 32-Bit: fhclive-USB-2019.02_kernel-3.18.106-i386

md5:  725c616024888eba53c152048131ae75
sha1: 0b0307fc44c261df6961d20c928220abb31bdd84

Last Update June 2019

For Windows users it is recommended to use Rufus for the installation of the ISO image on the USB device.

For Linux and Mac users it is reccomended to use dd command for the installation of the ISO image on the USB device.

sudo umount /dev/sdX
sudo dd if=/path/to/fhclive.iso of=/dev/sdX

where sdX is your usb device (this can be verified with lsblk in Linux and diskutil list in macOS)

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